Princess Party Packages.


We have a range of Different Princess Party Packages for you to surprise your child with. All parties include a small present from the princess to your child.  You can secure your party with a small deposit.

30 minute Princess Party.

  • £55
  • Meet and greet your chosen Princess; the princess gets to know all of the party guests!
  • Princess sing-a-long; your chosen princess sings her song and gets everyone involved!
  • Princess themed games, for example, Princess Says (Simon Says) and Musical Statues/Musical Bumps to their favourite Disney songs!
  • Make a Birthday wish; using special fairy dust all the children get to make their own wish and then throw the fairy dust into the air!
  • Sing happy birthday around the birthday cake!
  • Royal Coronation; The birthday princess/prince gets a walk down the red carpet to their throne where there friends will shower them in rose petals whilst they receive a tiara and wish-making wand. They will then make their princess promises and be crowned an official prince/princess!
  • Photo opportunities with the Princess; don’t forget to take lots of photos with the princess before she has to go back to her castle!

1 hour Princess Party.dsc02861-1.jpg

  • £105
  • Meet and greet your chosen princess
  • Princess pass the parcel
  • Princess themed games
  • Princess/Pirate Glitter makeovers; using glitter (or facepaint for pirates) each party guest gets their own moment in the spotlight to have their makeovers done by the princess, finishing with a  princess spin or a pirate ‘rrrr’!
  • Princess sing-a-long
  • Princess dance-a-long; everyone can get involved and show off their best moves to one of your chosen princesses songs!
  • Make a birthday wish
  • Princess Etiquette lessons; everyone learns how to do a princess spin, a royal wave, a curtsey or bow and how to walk like a princess (or pirate)! 
  • Royal coronation
  • Sing happy birthday
  • Photo opportunities with the princess

 2 hour Princess Party.

  • £190
  • Meet and greet your chosen Princess
  • Princess pass the parcel
  • ‘Princess themed’ games
  • Princess/Pirate Glitter makeover
  • Princess sing-a-long
  • Princess dance-a-long
  • Princess Lunch Time; while the children sit down to eat their lunch your chosen princess will talk to all the guests asking them lots of questions and getting to know them all! Of course spending extra time with the birthday girl/boy!
  • Princess etiquette lessons
  • Royal coronation
  • Make a birthday wish
  • Sing happy birthday
  • Photos with the Princess

2 princesses are available upon request. For 2 princesses the criteria of each party remains mostly the same apart from each princess will sing their own song and dance along, their own personalised games and will also include an extra gift. The prices for 2 princesses are as follows;

30 minute package; £90

1 hour package; £165

2 hour package; £250

If you have any further questions about the parties and what they include please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!